FluffiesPuppy Bath

Book a puppy bath with Fluffies, we will make your puppy feel clean and refreshed.

Our Features

No Other Dogs & Crates

We treat each dog individually with care and respect. We allow them to feel loved throughout the entire groom.

No Rejections

Our experienced groomers won't reject your dog if they are too matted or compacted.

Expert Care For Seniors

We treat our senior dogs with compassion and care.

Online Pick Up & Drop Off Booking

Stay home and enjoy your day while your dog loves their groom at Fluffies.

Welcome to FluffiesOur Spa Experience

Welcome to Fluffies, a fun and loving space where your pet dog's happiness is our main goal. We are a group of friendly pet groomers who enjoy making your pets feel special and cared for. Our talented groomers can work with any dog breed or size, making Fluffies a warm and inviting place for all pets.

At Fluffies, we know how important it is to have a strong bond with your pet. Our team works hard to create a safe and comfortable place, making sure your furry friend feels relaxed during their visit.

In order to help serve you best we offer specialized pricing for your dog. Our salon provides gentle puppy baths, nail trims, and refreshing touch-ups. For puppies, we have complete grooming packages and extra care. At Fluffies, we focus on giving your beloved pet the best attention possible.

Bath Process

Our professional team of groomers will make sure your dog shampoo is the healthiest and safest cleaning product for your dog. Our team will use lukewarm water to make sure their body temperatures aren't too high. We will also inspect your dog for any ear infections during the bath.

We will fill the tub with warm water and start bathing your loving puppy. With the puppy shampoo, we make sure to rub the soap throughout their coats.

Young puppies with any coat type are accepted at our salon. We will make sure that your puppy is clean and all the wet fur is dried using our special blow dryer. We will then brush your puppy leaving them looking refreshed and comfortable again.

Don't delay.Groom today.

Booking an appointment for puppy bathing is super easy. You can begin your puppy's bathing adventure by visiting our website's contact form. Or, you can give us a call to chat with one of our team members. Once we learn more about your pet's unique needs, we'll schedule a grooming session just for them.

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Puppy of Any Size

Our Fluffies grooming family knows how to handle many different dog breeds and sizes. The team at our salon uses only high-quality and pet-friendly products during the grooming process.

We are committed to offering the best care for your pet. We only use top-quality products and tools that are safe for animals. After our detailed grooming session with our team, your dog will feel refreshed and look fantastic.

Safe Pet Handling

Your dog's safety is our top priority. Our team takes their time during the bathing process to make it a gentle and pleasant experience for your pet. Our groomers take pride in providing clean and safe bathing services by using gentle puppy shampoos and conditioners.

Learning and training are essential parts of our Fluffies family. Our groomers keep learning about the newest techniques, trends, and products in the pet grooming industry. We stay updated on the best ways to care for your furry family members. By doing this, we can make sure your pet's grooming experience is enjoyable and worry-free.

Our pricing varies according to the type of dog and its size. If you require further information, please feel free to contact us. This is a friendly reminder. We need to do a more thorough evaluation to get a precise estimate of the final cost.

About Us

At Fluffies, our mission is to create a caring environment for both you and your loving pet. We value your trust and put your pet's well-being first. Your happiness and your pet's happiness are at the center of everything we do.

Our knowledgeable staff can help you with regular bathing and grooming for your dog. We take pride in treating every pet like a cherished member of our own family.

Come and visit Fluffies, where we focus on the happiness, health, and well-being of your pet. Our team is dedicated and experienced, always ready to answer any questions you have about our grooming services.

Additionally, we can help with any questions you have about your pet's specific needs. Our groomers have several years of experience and we can help you navigate the challenges you might face with your puppy. We love building a long-lasting relationship with every animal that comes to our salon.