FluffiesMobile Dog Grooming

Our team will pick up and groom your dog, allowing you to focus on other important tasks.

Our Features

No Other Dogs & Crates

We treat each dog individually with care and respect. We allow them to feel loved throughout the entire groom.

No Rejections

Our experienced groomers won't reject your dog if they are too matted or compacted.

Expert Care For Seniors

We treat our senior dogs with compassion and care.

Online Pick Up & Drop Off Booking

Stay home and enjoy your day while your dog loves their groom at Fluffies.

FluffiesGTA's Trusted Mobile Dog Grooming

Welcome to Fluffies, GTA's leading mobile dog grooming company. Given our extensive experience with dogs, we love serving all sizes and breeds. Our team is ready to help maintain the health and look of your beloved pet.

Mobile Dog Grooming Services

Our mobile groomers are experienced with bathing dogs, nail trimming and complete grooms. No matter which service you choose with us we include a complementary ear cleaning to assist with keeping your dog in excellent health.

Don't delay.Groom today.

We are excited to get to know you and your beloved pet.Reach out to Fluffies now to find out more information regarding our Toronto - based dog grooming options, or to reserve a session.

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Dog Grooming Pricing

Every dog has their unique size and requirements for grooming their fur. To book your mobile pet grooming appointment, please give us as much information about your pet as possible. This will help us determine the approximate cost of the grooming service.

Our pet grooming services include state-of-the-art haircuts, bath & tidy up and nail trimming. We love to provide a fantastic job for your furry friend.

We offer value-based pricing to ensure clients are only charged for the required time for their specific pet. Our pricing is fair and value-based to assist you in making an easy decision for your next mobile groom.

Dog Grooming Products

Our mobile dog groomers will only use the most recommended, pet-friendly products to ensure your dog feels and looks healthy. Booking a mobile grooming session in the GTA is very simple.

How to Get Started

Head over to the contact page on our website and fill out the quick form, or call us. Once we have all of your pet information, we can schedule a pick-up for your pet. We will update you throughout the groom to make sure you are satisfied with our dog grooming services.

Looking for a caring and top-quality mobile grooming service in the Greater Toronto Area? Let us shower your dog with all the care and attention they deserve. Contact our team to schedule your appointment, and let's make your dog look healthy and clean.