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The Schnauzer breed originates from Germany, with a range of size options from miniature to standard, and even giant! Having a Schnauzer dog of your own can be such a fun and rewarding experience, as they’re a super loving and loyal breed that love to play.

It’s important to understand that there are a wide range of grooming and styling options for your Schnauzer. The grooming style that you choose can depend on multiple factors, from their health to your personal preference. Usually, Schnauzer dogs tend to boast a coarse or wiry coat that’s very thick, along with eye-catching bushy eyebrows and a great beard. This opens up a huge range of possibilities for you and your pup.

Here at Flufflies, we hav extensive experience with grooming and styling Schnauzers. We can help you to take great care of your pup, turning your grooming style dreams into a reality. There are lots of types of schnauzer grooming styles that you can choose for your dog when you visit our expert grooming center, so read on to learn more about your options.

Types of Schnauzer Hair Styles


The most common Schnauzer haircut is the traditional look, which is a style that people are most familiar with when they think of a Schnauzer breed. Our groomers will follow the Schnauzer pattern strictly in order to accentuate the tricep and thigh muscles by shaving most of the body and blending into longer fur on the legs. The fur on their head will also be trimmed short aside from the eyebrows and beard. The beard itself will be left as long as possible with distinct shaping.

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Long Pants

The long pants style is a totally dapper cut that will help your Schnauzer look fresh and well looked after. The long pants cut is similar in style to the traditional haircut for a Schnauzer, with the main difference being that the fur on their legs will be left considerably longer - long enough to flow in the breeze as they chase a ball around the park! Long pants take a little more maintenance than traditional, as you’ll need to stay on top of brushing your pup's leg fur regularly to keep it clean and knot-free.

Puppy Cut

The puppy cut is fairly common for a Schnauzer, no matter what age they may be. The puppy cut is essentially meant to help you make your dog look a little younger and more carefree, rather than them appearing very dapper and well-manicured as the styles above should. The puppy cut is ideal for a miniature Schnauzer due to the fact they are already so small and cute. To achieve this style, our groomers will cut their fur the same length across their entire body, leaving around 0.5 to 1 inch of fur that’s brushed out and well conditioned. The effect should be soft and fluffy with round facial features. You can drastically change how wise your schnauzer can look just by how you trim their beard.


When it comes to your beloved fur babies, comfort should come before looks. In many cases, you’ll need to consider your dog’s personal needs. When the sun is beating down outside, your pup won’t want to wear extra layers in the form of wild, thick fur - they’ll much prefer a cooler shaved style that allows their skin to breathe. But not too short! Shaving too short can lead to a nasty sunburn. A shaved Schnauzer look can be achieved by our groomers by shaving the fur across their body, head, and tail to about a quarter of an inch, or even shorter. The shaved cut is extremely easy to keep up, with no need for brushing or extra maintenance.

On the other hand, when winter comes, the longer isn’t always the better. Long hair can easily become tangled and matted in the snow, especially in between their toes. Regular grooming is essential during the wintertime in order to maintain your precious pup’s well-being.

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At Fluffies, we recognize that every dog is different. We treat every breed with the respect and care that they deserve, taking the time and energy to research and subsequently adjusting our grooming packages to suit your dog's unique needs. Our expert groomers can provide your dog with excellent services, helping them to stay clean, healthy and comfortable for the foreseeable future.

Regular grooming is such an important part of owning a Schnauzer, especially if you want them to stay as dapper and stylish as can be! Here at Fluffies we can take the weight off your shoulders by handling each and every grooming task, from washing your pup to trimming their claws and styling their beard.