FluffiesNorth York Dog Grooming

Book your dog in at Fluffies and give them the pawfect pampering.

Our Features

No Other Dogs & Crates

We treat each dog individually with care and respect. We allow them to feel loved throughout the entire groom.

No Rejections

Our experienced groomers won't reject your dog if they are too matted or compacted.

Expert Care For Seniors

We treat our senior dogs with compassion and care.

Online Pick Up & Drop Off Booking

Stay home and enjoy your day while your dog loves their groom at Fluffies.

Fluffies ServicesNail Trimming

Cutting the claws on your pet’ s paws can be challenging, so why not let us take care of it for you ? This short service will trim your dog’ s nails to a reasonable length to prevent injuries.

Bath and Freshen Up

The ideal treat for your dog, this bath, brush and blow dry service will leave them looking and smelling fresh. This is an excellent service for smooth-haired breeds or a refresh in-between appointments.

Don't delay.Groom today.

We are excited to get to know you and your beloved pet.Reach out to Fluffies now to find out more information regarding our Toronto - based dog grooming options, or to reserve a session.

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Full Groom

A full groom will ensure your dog is bathed pre-groom and post-groom, with a styled groom provided to help your pet look its best. Eyes and ears are cleaned and nails trimmed to give your dog the full spa treatment.

Puppy Groom

Give the newest member of your family a spot of pampering with a puppy groom. Designed to help pups get used to grooming with a bath, nail trim and light coat trim if needed, it’s a gentle introduction to grooming and a chance for you to check out our services too.

Our pricing varies according to the type of dog and its size. If you require further information, please feel free to contact us. This is a friendly reminder. We need to do a more thorough evaluation to get a precise estimate of the final cost.

About Us

Fluffies is a leading dog groomer in Toronto, with over seven years of experience, leaving tails wagging and owners happy to see their dogs expertly taken care of. We have trained to groom all dog breeds. This includes both short-haired and long-haired breeds. We understand that each dog needs a unique approach to their coat.

We love dogs and welcome them all through our doors. We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards in our friendly grooming salon, and our customer reviews speak for themselves.