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Welcome To FluffiesNewfoundland Dogs

Having a Newfoundland dog can be such a wonderful experience. Newfoundland dogs are well known for being 'gentle giants', as they are so sweet and kind natured despite their large size. They tend to get on well with children of all ages, and form strong ties with their families, too.

Grooming a Newfoundland dog isn’t exactly an easy task, as they’re covered in thick fur that sheds, and their enormous size can make it difficult to manage. They need a lot of TLC to stay in the best possible shape, but thankfully here at Fluffies we know exactly how to handle the task of grooming a Newfoundland dog!

Newfounland Dog Maintenance

Although some dog breeds require little maintenance with few grooming needs, breeds like the Newfoundland dog can be a lot more tricky to groom. These dogs are large in size, and boast long double coats that make their maintenance needs higher than usual. Newfoundland dogs need regular brushing, trimming, bathing, and cleaning to stay in good shape.

Below are some of the challenges of Newfoundland dog care that make home-grooming a near impossible task.

  • Dog Sizes
  • The size of a Newfoundland dog is one of the biggest problems that make them tricky to groom. It’s highly unlikely that you’re ever going to be able to fit your Newfoundland dog into your own bath or shower at home, and if you do, they’ll no doubt end up knocking everything over and causing a real chaotic mess in the process! When you’re grooming a Newfoundland dog, you need more than enough space to move around them and reach every little spot. Having a large grooming room can also help your pup to feel a little more relaxed, as they won’t be confined inside your tiny bathroom.

  • Double Coat
  • Having a double coat makes grooming strenuous and lengthy, and oftentimes twice as expensive. You need to use a lot more water, shampoo and other products, and spend considerably more time ensuring every inch of fur has been bathed, rinsed, dried and brushed properly. Finding the time and energy to thoroughly wash your Newfie’s double coat might be tricky, but our expert groomers are committed to keeping your pup as clean as can be. Using the right equipment and techniques, we can clean and maintain every inch of your Newfoundland dog’s super thick coat.

  • Shedding
  • Newfoundland dogs are well known for their ability to shed like crazy, and you commonly find that after a full groom you have enough cut fur leftover to create a whole new dog! Making the mistake of attempting to groom your Newfoundland dog at home can soon lead to a nightmarish situation, as you’ll be spreading fur from room to room no matter how much you try to keep it contained. Their fur can even clog up your drains and lead to blockages and potentially flood your bathroom, as it matts together in clumps when wet and can be particularly hard to get rid of.

  • Drying Their Fur
  • Due to the fact that Newfoundland dogs generally have super thick coats, it can be hard to fully dry their fur when it’s been washed. Some pups are scared of anything that resembles a hair dryer, but in most cases towel drying a Newfoundland dog won’t be enough. Leaving their fur damp can lead to all manner of issues, including skin conditions that can be painful and hard to treat, so you need to make sure they are dried properly. Here at Fluffies we have all the necessary tools and tricks to dry their fur no matter how thick it may be, keeping them as comfortable and calm as possible.

  • Trimming Their Claws
  • Newfoundland dogs have large, black claws that are near impossible to trim with over-the-counter claw clippers. Finding the right spot to cut is essential if you don’t want to cause your pup pain, but this is difficult when you can’t actually see where the nerves end and the claw starts. It’s vital that you can get a professional to trim your Newfie’s claws if you want to minimize the risk of pain, injury and infection.

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At Fluffies, we understand that every individual dog is different, and should be treated as such! We groom every breed with the respect and care that they deserve, with unique grooming packages to suit your dog's breed specific and personal needs.

Regular grooming is such an essential aspect of owning a Newfoundland dog if you want them to feel great, especially if your pup likes to play outside and roll around in the mud like most gentle giants do!