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Fluffies ServicesGolden Retriever Grooming

At Fluffies, we understand the importance of dog grooming and that every dog breed requires a unique approach to its groom. If you’re a proud owner of a Golden Retriever, then you’ll want to keep such a beautiful dog breed in good health. That also includes looking after their grooming needs as a larger dog.

What can you expect with a dog grooming service for your Golden Retriever? How often is this service required? Let us answer all those questions today, while also giving you an insight into the services we offer when it comes to dog grooming this wonderful breed.

Do Golden Retrievers Need Haircuts?

Unlike other breeds, Golden Retrievers don’t require a full haircut that completely changes their appearance. They instead, simply require a slight trim of their hair to keep it in good condition and to keep up the appearance of their luscious golden locks.

In a way, it makes for a simpler groom and as long as you keep up with brushing your Golden Retriever weekly at home, there will be fewer risks of matting as a result.

Don't delay.Groom today.

If you’re looking to pamper your Golden Retriever with a much-needed groom, book a visit to Fluffies today for all your dog grooming needs. We’re more than happy to help your canine friend stay healthy and comfortable in their fur.

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Grooming Process

We like to give all our clients and their fur babies excellence in grooming here at Fluffies and for those who own Golden Retrievers, you can expect no less. Here’s what to expect when you bring your dog into our groomers for the first time.

Before we give your pup a good lather with shampoo, we’ll brush through their hair to remove any knots and matting where needed. That way, it’ll help make sure all of the hair goes a good clean.

Wash & Blow Dry

We use top-quality products when cleaning our canine clients and while a Golden Retriever’s coat shouldn’t be washed too often, it’s good to give it a much-needed wash every so often. We recommend our clients come in every 8 to 10 weeks to get their dogs groomed. Some need more regular visits and others can go longer in between visits.

Brushing the Undercoat

Once washed, we’ll blow dry your pooch before brushing through the dog’s undercoat. A Golden Retriever has an undercoat that needs maintenance with regular brushing. It’s important to do this in order to avoid matting and too much build-up of dead hair.

Trimming the Hair

In order to maintain the shape of your dog’s stature and to ensure a healthy appearance in the dog’s coat, trimming the hair is the way to go with this breed. A Golden Retriever’s hair should never be shaved because of its double coat which helps protect your pup throughout the winter and summer months.

We’ll make sure your dog looks handsome - or pretty - every time they walk out of the grooming doors. For every dog who comes in for a groom, we ensure all of their intimate areas are trimmed to keep everything clean down there!

Nail Clipping

Just like human nails, a dog’s nails need clipping regularly. We’re extra careful around the paw pads both when trimming and clipping nails. With regular nail clipping, you can prevent damage to the nail which often occurs when they’re not clipped regularly enough.

Importance of Grooming Golden Retrievers

Just like other breeds, taking your dog to a groomer is an important part of maintaining your dog’s health. From the very beginning of their life, it’s beneficial to get a dog used to coming to the groomers. Of course, every dog reacts differently to grooming but we make sure that they’re as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

There are many reasons why it’s important to bring your Golden Retriever to the groomers. These include:

  • Helps remove a lot of dead coat
  • Keeps the current coat nice and healthy
  • Minimizes the risk of bugs
  • Helps your dog stay healthy and comfortable

If you don’t manage to brush your dog’s coat regularly, bringing them to the groomer will ensure all of the dead coat is being removed and not getting stuck within the rest of the coat. That way, it’ll keep the current coat nice and healthy in appearance.

With a regular groom, you help to minimize the risk of trapping fleas or ticks in your dog's fur and skin. Matting of the coat can also be a haven for pests to find their home in.