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Welcome To FluffiesYorkshire Terrier Grooming

We all love our Yorkies, and they love us. You’d be hard-pressed to find a dog equal parts feisty and poised, yet always loving. Their beautiful silky coats are not only pleasant to look at and touch, but perfect for grooming, as evidenced by how often they win awards at grooming shows.

However, the gift of your Yorkshire Terrier’s stunning sheen comes with a warning, it needs to be well maintained. No matter if you’ve owned Yorkies for years, or you’re thinking about welcoming one into your household, we’re here to help you get started. Fluffies' grooming service can help out with every stage of your dog’s grooming standards and care.

Yorkshire Terriers Maintenance

A Yorkie’s coat is fine-textured and grows quickly, meaning it’s both delicate and abundant in equal measure. Thanks to their energetic nature, they will adore chasing you around the house for harmless fun or running around the garden to enjoy themselves. As such, their coat can become matted and tangled quite easily, and it can be hard to dedicate much time to their upkeep when you have life responsibilities to attend to.

However, without regular care, a Yorkie’s coat can become very uncomfortable to them, or grow so long that they’re less mobile and suffer a lessened ability to see. That’s why Fluffies are happy to greet a wide group of owner’s Yorkies each week, performing basic care to keep them in tip-top shape.

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Our Groom Process

Thankfully, in the hands of a trained, experienced professional, Yorkie coats are quite easy to work with. As such, grooming can be quick and easy, but no less effective.

The main grooming practices Yorkshire Terriers benefit from our grooming experts includes:

  • Brushing - careful brushing to remove tangles and mats is essential. With a range of brushes and a fine-tooth comb, we can make sure your Yorkie’s coat is perfectly arranged and comfortable for them.
  • Bathing and shampoo - washing your lovely little dog should be done on a regular basis, at least once a month. With the right shampoo and a thorough rinse, we can prevent skin irritation, and with our expert touch, we will avoid affecting the natural protective oils in the coat.
  • Trimming - dogs deserve a good haircut too! To maintain a neat and tidy appearance, you can trust that we will trim the appropriate amount of hair to create a stunning look and maintain comfort. We will make sure they can continue to see clearly, they won’t trip over their coat, and their silky tale is tamed properly.
  • Dental care - Yorkies are known to have common dental issues, which is why it’s good to brush regularly. We can inspect for potential dental diseases that may need veterinarian care, and also brush your Yorkies’ teeth during their visit. However, it’s also good to keep up with that yourself each week, and for that, we can offer the best dental care products for convenience and ease of use.

About Us

At Fluffies, we put our clients first. We use a flexible appointment system that allows guests to select suitable sessions depending on our availability. If there’s a cancellation, we may also be able to fit you in. We aim to develop a relationship with pet owners and their beloved furry family members, so we’ll ask a number of questions to make sure we can tailor our services to their needs.

From there you can select from a range of packages designed to be simple, easy, and affordable. We keep transparency at the heart of everything we do, so your pet will never experience a treatment you haven’t explicitly selected or discussed with us.

We also recognize that not every pet owner is familiar with the necessary upkeep, grooming terminology, and best products to use for sustainable care. For this reason, we’re happy to make recommendations and suggest a regular grooming schedule to help your little pooch enjoy their best quality of life.

Our groomers are all licensed and experienced professionals with a deep love for animals of all stripes. No matter if your dog is big or small, as long as they’re friendly, we can groom them well.